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DID YOU KNOW there are presently more than 15,000 Jews incarcerated in U.S. and European prisons?  Have you considered that each convict has an innocent family suffering financial and emotional hardships as well?  Chabad-Lubavitch has created and implemented a host of programs for prisoners facing the unique challenge of retaining their Jewish identity, and for families dealing with issues of poverty when a family member is serving time.

Prior to sentencing, Chabad presents proposals to judges suggesting alternative means of punishment while eliminating or minimizing periods of incarceration. However, while the inmates are serving time, Chabad assists inmates by providing:

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  • Advocacy for the constitutional rights of Jews to obtain kosher food and to observe the Sabbath and religious holidays
  • Bulletins for wardens, chaplains and institutional staff alerting them to upcoming religious holidays and outlining the ritual practices
  • Collect call telephone hotlines administering religious, emotional and spiritual support
  • Religious, educational, holiday and ritual materials promoting Jewish learning including books, audio and videotapes
  • Access to kosher food
  • A newsletter offering spiritual and practical guidance using the weekly Torah portion to convey lessons in Jewish law and philosophy
  • Rabbinic visitations and counseling

Chabad assists innocent spouses and children of inmates by providing:

  • Emergency financial assistance including funds to prevent eviction, food insecurity, clothing and medical needs
  • Counseling, essential holiday materials and religious objects
  • Support groups with access to information regarding psychological issues, prison release guidelines, parole and bankruptcy


BY DONATING NOW, you will partner with Lubavitch to ensure the religious and human rights of thousands of Jews in U.S. and European prisons, provide kosher food and other items necessary for religious observance, and offering assistance to the families of convicts.

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Also in Social & Humanitarian


Chabad-Lubavitch provides comfort to Jewish officers, soldiers and their families stationed throughout the world and a means to maintain a spiritual connection to Judaism.

Substance Abuse

Though non-sectarian, the Chabad Drug Rehabilitation program derives its framework of values from traditional Jewish teachings, offers a 12 step clinical recovery program and daily therapy.

Disaster Relief

With a global structure of emissaries throughout the world, Chabad-Lubavitch is one of the first to lend crisis support to devastated communities regardless of the race, religion or nationality.

Terror Relief

On 9/11, while the skies over New York, Washington and Pennsylvania were darkened, Chabad-Lubavitch was hard at work organizing relief centers for thousands of stranded passengers.

Soup Kitchens

The longest operating charity in Israel and the largest program of its kind, Chabad-Lubavitch provides for Jewish needy regardless of age, gender, degree of observance or affiliation.

Foster Care

Responding to tragedy and need, Chabad-Lubavitch has built and runs 12 children's homes currently providing a safe environment for thousands of precious children in the Former Soviet Union.

Special Needs Children

Chabad's acclaimed special needs programs assist families who have children with special needs and involves them in a full range of social and Judaic experiences.