Learning Parenting To Raise Healthy Children

New JLI Course Explores Best Practices

Learning Parenting To Raise Healthy Children

Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

A JLI class in Potomac, Maryland.

by Dovid Zaklikowski - Brooklyn, NY

January 18, 2015

A parenting course that looks to Jewish values that have stood the test of time may surprise participants as it cuts the sacrosanct “what are my rights” centered perspective down to size. In its place, The Art of Parenting course will consider the question Judaism teaches us to ask: “What is my obligation?”

“A parent does not have a right to be respected, but it is a responsibility for a child to respect the parent,” explains Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, editor-in-chief of the new course curriculum. The course will look at the differences that raising children with a sense of entitlement vs. a sense of responsibility makes to the children, the family and society.

Beginning this week at some 357 locations worldwide in seven languages, the six-session course explores Jewish teachings and parenting values as practiced by Jewish parents for thousands of years, and their relevance to today’s parenting.

“Jews have a very successful parenting record of tens of generations who successfully transmitted their ideas and values, even though it was under very difficult circumstances,” says Silberberg.

Developed by the JLI team in consultation with educational experts, talmudic scholars, psychologists and parents, The Art of Parenting will examine issues of self-esteem, reward and discipline, and questions such as: “How do we keep our children safe, while encouraging their independence? When should we motivate them by incentive, and when by establishing firm consequences? And how do we build their self-esteem to prepare them mentally and emotionally for the long road ahead?” from a distinctly Jewish perspective.

Dr. Frank W. Gaskill, founding partner at Southeast Psych in Charlotte, North Carolina whose practice is devoted to helping families parent successfully, says: “Just because you are a parent does not mean you know how to develop confident, moral, and loving children. Finding the warm and authoritative parent zone is the key. The Art of Parenting offers families a way forward for children to grow into fully developed, moral adults.”

Participants may receive credits for the course from the American Psychological Association, the American Council for Continuing Medical Education, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and the he National Board for Certified Counselors.

To join the course in your area, go to myjli.com.

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