Donetsk Jewish Community Reaches Out With Games

Donetsk, Ukraine

July 21, 2009

( Jewish community of Donetsk is making use of intellectual games in its efforts to unite Jews from all walks of life.

At the Jewish Community Center here, a new club has been established.  Its goal: to bring together fans the wide variety of games that challenge the mind. The program is being led by the president of the Donetsk Intelligent Games Club, Dmitry Senatorov.

Donetsk, in the Donbass region, is the fifth largest city in Ukraine with a population of well over a million.

Now members of its diverse local Jewish community will socialize and become acquainted while enjoying mental exercises within a team-based arrangement. Strategic thinking, highly focused attention and communication skills will be challenged by players.  The club will also offer guests the chance to try their hand at the various games just for fun.

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