Rocky Mountain Collegian Congratulates Chabad on Campus

Rocky Mountain Collegian Congratulates Chabad on Campus

Ft. Collins, CO

March 12, 2008

The Rocky Mountain Collegian writes, Our View: Congrats to the CSU Jewish Community:

The university's 3-year-old Chabad organization has spent the entirety of its existence fighting with the City of Fort Collins and the university for bits and pieces of recognition and Friday night they got anther one.

After a month of toil and argument with Lory Student Center Dining Services, Rabbi Yerachmeil Gorelik finally convinced them to allow him and Jewish students to kosher the LSC kitchen for the first time in CSU history.

The process required LSC Dining Services to rope off several stoves and countertops between Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening, rendering those portions of the kitchen unusable for three full days.

The cooking areas had to be cleaned and sterilized with boiling water and blowtorches to complete the koshering processes and prepare a gourmet kosher meal.

Then they had to be covered in plastic so that no food that wasn't kosher could touch them.

Keep it up, Chabad, and someday you're gonna have a Synagogue on campus.

We at the Collegian also wish to extend our appreciation to LSC Dining Services for supporting diversity at CSU.

We challenge you to go through the process again once Passover rolls around next month.

It's an arduous process, but it's worth it to promote a diverse student population.

Gorelik says you can, and we agree.

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