Chabad Rallies Worldwide Support for IDF

Chabad Rallies Worldwide Support for IDF

With the navy, Chabad helps a soldier wrap tefillin.


July 26, 2006

Moments after the first of Israel's soldiers began fighting in Lebanon, Chabad-Lubavitch centers around the world rallied their respective communities to devote more time daily to prayer, Torah study, charity giving, and too, to the mitzvah of tefillin for men. A formal call by the Central Committee of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis of the United States encouraged greater commitment to these specific areas, identifying Psalms 10, 22, 69, 109 and 150 to be recited.

With the intensification of the war, Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, the educational arm of the Lubavitch movement and the agency responsible for the international Shluchim network, called upon all its emissaries worldwide to inspire and initiate communitywide participation this Sunday, July 30, in these observances.

This initiative follows guidelines established by the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory during Israel's past wars. In more than 70 countries, Chabad-Lubavitch centers will lead thousands of Jewish communities in prayer, study, tefillin and charity giving, for a concerted effort to benefit Israel's defense forces and its people.

'Jewish people around the world want to be there for our soldiers, and express their solidarity,' explained a spokesman at Lubavitch Headquarters. 'The Rebbe's directives are potent spiritual means to elicit Divine protection for our heroes who are fighting to protect our people and our land.'

In his talks about how Jewish people are empowered to help IDF soldiers when they are fighting in our defense, the Rebbe insisted that prayers, mitzvot for the wellbeing of our soldiers, and generous charity on their behalf, brings merit to the soldiers and to the people in Israel.

The Rebbe also urged children to participate in spiritual activities in this regard, often quoting the verse in Pslams 8,3: 'Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings You have established might to counter Your enemies, to silence foe and avenger,' and called for frequent assemblies of young children at which they should recite psalms and study Torah and give charity.

'These observances allow us to act as a support system for them while they brave mortal danger and fight in defense of our people,' explained the spokesman.

Contributions earmarked to help our soldiers and Jewish families in northern Israel can be made by clicking here.

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